Year 7 Surrealist Art ready for the Gallery

By Monica Genet | Posted: Monday June 18, 2018

The first groups of Year 7 Art technology projects are ready for the Burns Memorial Exhibition in Term 3.

Animals, cities,  waterfalls, musical instruments, monsters, and planets. All of these things are shown in through the surreal (unreal) hand art projects of the A4 and B4 technology classes. 

A range of nine diverse hand sculptures have been stored at school, as the start of the Oamaru Intermediate contribution to the Burns Memorial Art Exhibition.  These will be displayed at the Forrester Gallery later in the year.

The imaginative sculptures of these talented students have set a really high standard for any other students wanting to have their work included in the exhibition, but I hear there are more on the way... 

I'll keep you posted.

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