The world of our students is very much a digital world and we embrace this using digital technology to enhance teaching and learning. We teach students how to be responsible, respectful and safe digital citizens. Use of ICT devices is seamless across curriculum areas. Our classrooms have interactive displays, a number of computing devices, which include a combination of PCs, Chromebooks, tablets, iPads and laptops for children to create digital content.

With Ultrafast Fibre connected and very reliable WIFI, we have a high level of infrastructure in place allowing for greater use of ICT over an extremely fast and reliable network. 


We have established a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ environment where students have the opportunity to bring their own devices to school to utilise for learning purposes e.g. Chromebook, laptop. Suitable policies and procedures have been developed in consultation with parents and teachers. Agreements need to be signed by both parents and students before a student can bring their device. When this is approved the student will be given a personal log on to the school wireless to enable them to access sites to support their learning. Devices including mobile phones are securely stored when not in use for learning purposes.

We strongly encourage students to have their own device at school as this provides endless opportunities for teaching and learning. In response to the regular question, we get from parents about devices we suggest that a Chromebook is good value for money. Devices are used daily within a number of curriculum areas, with the goal of enhancing children’s digital literacy and fluency and transforming teaching and learning.