School Zone

Oamaru Intermediate is now governed by an Enrolment Scheme. The Enrolment Scheme information can be found below.

For out-of-zone enrolments please contact the school office, 03 437 0822, or email if you have any queries.

If you are in-zone, please contact our office for enrolment information for this current year (03) 4370822 or   

Oamaru Intermediate Enrolment Scheme information

The Home Zone takes addresses on both sides of the boundary roads mentioned in the description unless otherwise stated. 

Starting from the intersection of Beach Road and Awamoa Road, the home zone follows

  • North-west along Awamoa Road until its intersection with Stonewall Road
  • From the intersection of Awamoa Road and Stonewall Road jumps north to the end of Maudes Road
  • North along Maudes Road until Weston Road
  • North-west along Weston Road until the Railway Line
  • East along the southern side of the Railway Line until its intersection with Severn Street (SH 1) 
  • North-east along Severn Street (SH 1) until Cross Street 
  • North-west along Cross Street until Chelmer Street 
  • West along Chelmer Street until Saleyards Road
  • West along Saleyards Road until Old Mill Road 
  • North along Old Mill Road until Eden Street
  • North along Eden Street until Ardgowan Road 
  • North along Ardgowan Road up to and including number 23 Ardgowan Road 
  • From 20 and 23 Ardgowan Road jumps south-east to the end of Reservoir Road
  • North along Reservoir Road until Redcastle Road
  • South-east along Redcastle Road until Kenilworth Road
  • North-east along Kenilworth Road until Fernbrook Road: Including Kenilworth Road to the north of Fernbrook Road 
  • South-east along Fernbrook Road until the Thames Highway (SH 1): Including all side streets off Fernbrook Road between Kenilworth Road and the Thames Highway (SH 1)
  • North-east along the Thames Highway (SH 1) until Georgetown-Pukeuri Road (SH 83): Including Russel Road, Including Boundary Creek Road, and including Murray Road
  • North along Georgetown-Pukeuri Road (SH 83) until Ferry Road
  • North-east along Ferry Road until McEneany Road 
  • South-east along McEneany Road until its intersection with Steward Road 
  • From the intersection of McEneany Road and Steward Road jumps south to the coastline 
  • South-west along the coastline until the intersection of Beach Road and Awamoa Road.