Flexible Learning Spaces

The demands of teaching and learning have changed and it is important that we provide a flexible learning space where innovation and collaboration are encouraged and enabled.
We have moved from the restrictions of 30 desks, 1 teacher and 4 walls providing the boundary. Reconstruction has provided flexible learning spaces for 8 classes. Glazed walls and sliding doors and tables allow for differing groups of students to work collectively or independently.

Learning Centre

The vibrant learning centre provides three variable teaching spaces designed to enhance teaching and learning opportunities for staff and pupils. Clever use of soundproofing and access ways, allows each room to be used independently or as an open-plan space. The benefits of this facility are ongoing.

Swimming Pool

The school is fortunate to have an excellent indoor swimming facility. The pool and the installation of a solar heating system that maintains temperatures around 24°C means that the pool is used extensively from October to April.


The Canteen operates at our first break only with juicies, moosies and popcorn available. Due to our school being part of the Healthy School Lunches programme, the canteen is not necessary at any other time of the day.