OIS Computer Refurb Programme

By Ryan Clark | Posted: Thursday June 20, 2024

The Digi-Tech Club at Oamaru Intermediate is creating its own 'Computer Repair and Refurbish program'.

This program aims to give students real-world IT experience, by taking the old, broken, or outdated PCs/laptops within our community and teaching students how to make repairs or update these devices so they can be used again. 

Ultimately, this provides our club members with a hands-on means of learning about computer hardware and software.  This also reduces e-waste, as we plan to donate the refurbished devices back to the school community.

For this program to be successful, we are in need of old, outdated or damaged laptops/ PC computers. If you have any devices that meet this criteria that you wish to donate, please drop them off at the Oamaru Intermediate School office. If possible, please remove any private information from these devices, but know that all devices will be fully reset during the refurb process. 

If you have any questions about this program, please reach out to our Digital Technology Teacher, Ryan Clark ryanc@oamaruint.school.nz