School Camps

Year 7 EOTC

During term 2 over one week, Year 7 students participate in EOTC activities and team-building activities. 

Year 8 EOTC

One of the highlights for many students and teachers is the opportunity to participate in a Year 8 EOTC camp. The camps happen at the end of term 1. Students will be involved in a four-day, 3-night programme at Raincliff Youth Camp in Pleasant Point. Students will go to the camp in their homerooms with their home teacher leading the camp: their buddy class will also accompany them.

We firmly believe that building and sustaining positive and effective relationships is the foundation of success at Oamaru Intermediate as it enables students and staff to build strong connections with their peers and each other.   

It is an expectation that your child participates in this EOTC programme and we will work with you to help make this happen. We plan on running fundraisers to support you in this.