Staff are continually involved in professional development. School practices are regularly reviewed to ensure the latest teaching strategies are being implemented. We value and encourage feedback on curriculum content.

Integrated Inquiry 

Oamaru Intermediate promotes learning through an Integrated Inquiry Approach. Programmes of work are based on topics that allow for the depth of coverage, are significant in the lives of children, assist children to make connections and acknowledge the purpose for their learning.

Topics of work are based on class, school or local resources and issues. We recognise this creates meaningful learning experiences and creates shared responsibility for student learning. As a result, ownership of learning and opportunities for creativity are developed.


Students learn core mathematical knowledge and strategies in their homeroom with the exception of a maths extension class. Those who have special abilities are specifically catered for with their placement reviewed constantly. In addition to this, opportunities to be involved in the Otago Mathletics competition, the Otago University Problem Challenge and ICAS Testing are available. 


The school places a strong emphasis on children developing sound reading strategies. Emphasis is placed on developing the reading strategies and capabilities of individual students. Our approach, therefore, is to teach students in groups, alongside children of similar needs. There is an expectation that all pupils read nightly as part of their homework commitment. In addition to class reading programmes, children are encouraged to make full use of our school library which is being continually re-stocked with up-to-date material. Specific guidance on library use is given. A list of our library stock along with issues and returns is fully computerised.

Health and Physical Education

OIS places an emphasis on the health and well-being of our students. School-wide we offer a range of physical education opportunities, aimed at developing physical, social and emotional aspects of the individual. Children are provided with specific teaching and practice in areas such as athletics, aquatics, fitness and team sports which then lead into school events such as swimming sports, athletics and triathlon in which all children participate.  

Children excelling in sporting areas are encouraged to enter North Otago events and make themselves available for representative teams. Correct clothing is essential for free body movement and for obvious hygiene reasons. We rely on parents’ support and assistance in ensuring that the school Physical Education uniform requirements are met. 

Health education at this level deals with social issues including, Peer Pressure, Self Esteem, Puberty, Drug Awareness, Keeping Ourselves Safe and Healthy Eating. We are only too pleased to answer parental enquiries about the programme. 


The school choir is active throughout the year, presenting school and public performances.  

Modules Programme

In order to utilise the strengths of teaching staff and to maximise learning opportunities, all children take part in an extensive modules programme. 
A real strength of this programme is the way in which children develop organisational skills, move to other classrooms and relate to different teachers. Many Year 9 students rate this highly as good preparation for High School. Modules in 2021 have been Enviro, History, Science, Health: Hauora, Physical Education, Thinking, Performer, STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths), Ahurea (culture), Japanese, Financial Literacy and Ukulele.