Enrolment Information

Key dates - 2025 Enrolments

20 May = Enrolments open for 2025

26 August = Open night. 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm

27 and 29 August = O.I.S. Day tours                                                                         

24 October = In-zone enrolments due and out-of-zone applications close

25 October = Out-of-zone ballot (if required)

25 October = Out-of-zone letter of offers sent

8 November = Acceptance of an out-of-zone offer must be confirmed (within 14 days of the offer)


Open week

As per our poster above.

Book your tour time during our Open Week.



At Oamaru Intermediate School we accept in-zone enrolments and out-of-zone applications. Out-of-zone applications are very welcome, a school zone does not restrict students living outside the zone from enrolling.

Please contact the school office, 03 437 0822, or email enrol@oamaruint.school.nz if you have any queries regarding enrolment at Oamaru Intermediate School.

In addition to the enrolment form, we also require:

  • A copy of the student’s NZ birth certificate or NZ passport

  • If a student is not a NZ citizen, we require a copy of the student’s visa and parent’s work permit

  • A recent account showing proof of address e.g. power, rates or water bill (in-zone only)

  • If the student is applying under Priority 4 (child of a former student) then we require proof of the parent’s attendance at Oamaru Intermediate School such as an old school report or photo.


The law requires that Oamaru Intermediate School gives priority to enrolling students who live in our home zone, therefore, all students who live within the home zone shall be eligible to enrol at the school.


Out-of-zone enrolments are welcome. A school zone does not restrict students living outside of the zone from enrolling.  The enrolment of out-of-zone students is governed by the Education and Training Act 2020.

Out-of-zone places, where available, are offered according to the following priorities:

Priority 1: Special Programmes approved by the Secretary of Education (this does not apply to our school)

Priority 2: Siblings of current students

Priority 3: Siblings of former students

Priority 4: Children of former students

Priority 5: Children of Board employees

Priority 6: All other applicants

Where the number of students exceeds the places available, a ballot will be held for the group with the lowest priority according to the rules set down by the Secretary of Education. The closing date for 2025 applications is Thursday 24 October.

We also requested that all in-zone applications be received by this date, as the number of in-zone enrolments will determine how many out-of-zone spaces we have available. If required, a ballot for out-of-zone spaces will be held on Friday 25 October.

Letters of offer notifying out-of-zone applicants of the outcome of the ballot will be emailed out to families no later than three days after the ballot is held.