Vision: OIS - A place of positive energy

Vision of Teaching and Learning

Teacher practice will demonstrate:

  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • A culture of ongoing professional learning
  • A focus on student achievement
  • Reflective practice
  • School-wide implementation of curriculum delivery

As a result, students will:

  • Enjoy learning
  • Have a positive image of themselves as a learner, and an appreciation of others as learners
  • See themselves as part of a community
  • Experience challenge and success
  • Strive for excellence

Good Teaching at Oamaru Intermediate School will be reflected in the following ways

  • Learning is set in social, collaborative and supportive settings.
  • Positive and respectful relationships are established school-wide.
  • Inclusiveness will allow diversity of personalities, strengths and cultures to be celebrated.
  • Learning tasks are structured to promote reflective, creative and critical thinking.
  • Teachers inquire into the impact of their teaching on their students.
  • Students are provided with timely and specific feedback.
  • Students have the opportunity to consolidate new learning and make links with prior learning.
  • E-learning will enhance and transform teaching and enable students to explore learning and communicate with others outside of their classroom.

Our school values and challenges each pupil to achieve regardless of their starting point and individual goals. Where possible we will provide students with special programmes to meet their needs. Opportunities such as ESOL groups, riding, swimming, life skills programmes, workplace visits and social skills activities are offered.

We cater for children with specific learning needs or disabilities. Staff are skilled at enabling those students to participate in a mainstream setting. Individual Education Plans are developed in consultation with specialists and families.