Learning Conversations TOMORROW - Students are learning from home

By Belinda Hirst | Posted: Monday June 3, 2024

Kia ora OIS whānau, as you are aware tomorrow we have our Learning Conversations and we have requested that your child/ren learn from home. What you can do is encourage your child/ren to read, to help out around the house, and if you have access to devices, to take advantage of the OIS Website - Learning From Home (link below).

Our website OIS Website - Learning From Home has a number of learning activities available: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Digi Tech, Arty things, Food - using the staples, Extra. Enjoy the selection and feel free to bake a cake, help with dinner, or even the household chores at any time!

BOOKINGS HAVE BEEN CLOSED. If you have not made a time please email your child's teacher. It is expected that you and your child will meet with their classroom teacher. If you don’t have internet access – please phone the school office and they will make an appointment for you, ph: 03 4370822.