By Belinda Hirst | Posted: Wednesday May 29, 2024

BOOKINGS HAVE BEEN CLOSED. If you have not made a time, please email your child's teacher. It is expected that you and your child will meet with their classroom teacher. If you don’t have internet access – please phone the school office and they will make an appointment for you, ph: 03 4370822.

These 15-minute conversations are an important part of our learning programme. They allow you as parents to be informed of your child’s progress and what they need to be doing to make further gains. These will take place on Wednesday 5 June. We are asking you, if possible, to keep your child at home on that day, as the Learning Conversations will be from 8:15 am - 6:15 pm. If you are unable to keep your child at home, we have teachers that will supervise your child. Please email the office ASAP as we now have limited numbers left. 

These conversations are supported by teachers and you can be assured that teachers and students prepare well for these to make the best use of the 15 minutes allocated. 

Buses will run at normal times if there are any bus students present.