Board of Trustees

Oamaru Intermediate is a vibrant school community where all are encouraged to engage, care and reach their potential. We have a safe and diverse school environment, which allows our students to achieve in a holistic fashion, meeting their needs physically, socially, academically, culturally and emotionally.

As a board, we are very proud to say that our school community provides a space where students and staff alike are welcoming, inclusive, and respectful of each other during a time where they develop into young adults and find their place in the world.

Our profile and reputation attracts students from all directions in North Otago. We will partner with the primary and secondary schools, to provide the smooth transition that your child needs.  

Amanda Acheson  
BOT Chairperson  
[email protected]   


Board of Trustees 

Chairperson Amanda Acheson
Principal Mary Healey
Parent Representatives Lyndon Wardle
  Rebecca O'Sullivan
  Damian Brown
  Deborah Grant
Staff Representative                Frances Campbell
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