By Debbie Halkett | Posted: Tuesday November 6, 2018

Our Athletic Sports were held at Centennial Park last Friday 2 November. Congratulations to all participants on the day. Athletics Age Group Winners and Records broken for 2018 were....

11 Year Boys

1st - Ezekiel Goodsir

 2nd - Joel Downing

 3rd - Lucas Chellew

11 Year Girls

1st - Kyala Fisilau

2nd = Emily Neal and Diana Fonua

12 Year Boys

1st - Jacob Robinson

2nd - Kiseki Fifita

3rd  - Daniel Hughes

12 Year Girls

1st - Grace Keno

2nd - Zaria Kira

3rd = Tylee Packer, Bailee Ellery and Alysha  McCabe

13 Year Boys

1st - Felix McGeorge-Hawtin

2nd - Luke Acheson

3rd = Luke Fountaine, Cody Wall-Aitken, Rhyan Griffiths, Sione Pouha

13 Year Girls

1st - Sarah Jamison

2nd - Jayde Read

3rd = Lisia Tuitavake, April Linares-Fontona

Records Broken

11 Year Girls  - Diana Fonua - Shot Put 8.62m

13 Year Girls  - Sarah Jamison - Long Jump 4.29m and High Jump 1.38m

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