Epro8 OIS teams - Otago final

By Belinda Hirst | Posted: Thursday August 16, 2018

Epro8 is based on engineering and problem-solving challenges that are completed in a four-person team. In the Oamaru heats our year 7 Metal Mafia team placed first and the year 8 Arc n Sparks team placed second. Both teams participated in the Otago regional finals last night in Dunedin.

The year 8 team finished in 4th place and earned 350 points. The year 7 team finished in 9th place and earned 240 points. Tahuna Normal Intermediate finished in first place with 550 points!

The competition was based around a rock band concert and the challenges were tougher than those set in the Oamaru competition. Some examples of the challenges to choose from were: build a stage to a particular measurement, build an emergency exit, construct a mosh pit, create a frame for above the stage that had flashing lights in certain places, create a machine that could play the drums to a given beat, and much more. The competition went for two and a half hours!

Each of these challenges had set criteria and requirements that had to be adhered to. Challenges were worth a certain amount of points depending on the difficulty of the challenge completed.

Congratulations to our two teams for their effort in both the Oamaru compeition and the Otago regional finals.