Principal's Message....

By Rebecca Meek | Posted: Thursday May 18, 2023

Our Purpose: To prepare students to be active participants who will contribute to their community.

Tēnā koutou katoa, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Bula vinaka

Today a number of our students and staff were wearing something pink. This is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of Bullying. Pink Shirt Day is an anti-bullying movement that celebrates diversity and creates environments where everyone feels safe, valued, and respected.

At Oamaru Intermediate one of our values is Acting with Respect, this means respecting self, others opinions, religions, identity, and our environment. We are always talking about doing the right thing even when others are choosing not to, speaking up when something isn’t right, and seeking help when a situation is unsafe. Keep talking with your child about calling out inappropriate and unsafe behaviour, whether it be online, or face-to-face. We can all do our part to stop bullying.

This week I have taken the time to reflect on what we can do as parents to support our children’s mental health and well-being.

  1. Create a safe and supportive home environment: providing lots of opportunities to actively listen and encourage open communication, and providing emotional support when needed.

  2. Encourage healthy habits: a balanced diet, regular exercise, digital free time, and adequate sleep can have a huge impact on your child’s well-being.

  3. Model healthy coping strategies: we can model healthy coping strategies for our children by managing our stress in a healthy way. This can include practising self-care, seeking support from friends and family, or seeking professional help when needed. As adults our children take cues from us, they watch how we react and respond to different situations. Our children learn from us.

  4. Take an interest in what your child is doing out of school, spend time with your child, and know who they are hanging out with, and who they are talking to online.

  5. Be aware of warning signs: it's important for us to be aware of warning signs that may indicate that our child is struggling. These signs can include changes in behaviour, academic performance, or social interactions. If you are worried about your child then do reach out and professional help. This can include talking to your child's doctor, Fiona - Public Health Nurse, Youthline, or a mental health professional. Early intervention can make a big difference in a child's mental health outcomes.

Remember that every child is unique and may require different approaches to maintain good mental health. At Oamaru Intermediate we have an open-door policy, where students and whānau are always welcome to speak with their teachers about any concerns they are having. If you have a concern or have noticed a change in your child, do reach out to your child’s classroom teacher. They are only too willing to support and connect with you.

This week we have farewelled Deahna Shearer, who has been teaching in our Art Technology room. Deahna is heading away on her big overseas adventure, and we certainly wish her all the best and look forward to following her adventures online. On Tuesday, we welcome Paul Cartlidge to the team, Paul has a wealth of experience and knowledge that we are looking forward to utilising and having on our team.

Support Staff

Oamaru Intermediate has, this week, welcomed Vika Kaufana and Susanna Elliffe to our support staff team. We are excited to have these two ladies on board and look forward to seeing their talents being shared with our students and staff.

Student Led Conferences

On Wednesday 7 June, our Student Led Conferences will be taking place. This is a very important opportunity for you and your child to meet with the teacher. Making the time to prioritise their education, and coming and meeting with their classroom teacher sends a direct message to your child that you are invested in their learning and the importance that you place on them having success at Oamaru Intermediate. It also helps to keep building those positive home and school connections that are so important in ensuring successful outcomes for your children.

To enable these conferences to happen, our normal classroom programme will not be running that day. If possible, we ask that you keep your child home for the day if you are able to. Be rest assured if you cannot find an alternative for your child we will have teachers available to supervise your child for the day.

Please contact the office on 4370822 to inform us if your child needs to be at school that day.

Have a great weekend!