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By Debbie Halkett | Posted: Thursday December 8, 2022

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In New Zealand most people live within 5 kilometres of the sea, or a body of water. For this reason, it is vital that everyone is taught basic skills to enable them to be safe in the water. With this in mind, Waitaki Aquatic Centre is encouraging our staff, customers, members of the public and businesses to “Give the gift of Swimming” at Christmas.

The cost of a lesson is $9.00. A term of lessons is $90. However, we are happy to accept any donation that you are willing to give.

You can contribute in the following ways:

• Come into the pool and the team at reception will help you, or by

• Internet banking:

Waitaki Aquatic Centre


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Code: Donation

Reference: Your name

There is no better time to do this than now! Give a gift of swimming and save a life