New timetable starting Term 2 - EVERYONE STARTING AT 8.45 am

By Belinda Hirst | Posted: Friday April 8, 2022

Starting on Monday, the beginning of term two, we are going back to one timetable for all students. We are going to start school for EVERYONE at 8.45 am and finish for everyone at 2.45 pm. We also appreciate that for some of you, this transition will take an adjustment, we will be patient and aware that it may take a little time.

We have found that the Year 8 cohort who have been on this timetable for all of Term 1, have
- been more settled from first thing in the morning
- there are fewer incidents to deal with before school which ensures that students have a positive start to their day
- there is definitely less traffic on Pembroke Street / Arundel Street when they leave at 2.45 pm, which is much safer.

BUSES: For those students that catch buses, the last bus to drop students off outside New World arrives at 8.40 am and we are aware of those students on that bus.

We have arranged that the Rural bus will collect the students at 3.05 pm and take them to WBHS while the Town bus will still arrive around 3.10 pm as it has a pick-up at St Joseph's School at the end of the school day.