Principal's Message

By Debbie Halkett | Posted: Thursday July 5, 2018

With term 2 coming to an end I would have to say that I'm looking forward to the holidays. But more importantly as I look back I'm very grateful for the support from staff, parents and community that we have had throughout the term.

Times of support that stood out for me were; the three days/nights of student led conferences, the massive cheese roll weekend and the many hours of work teachers and parents put into coaching and supporting our sports teams - often in weather conditions that are not very pleasant. However the learning that takes place in all of those instances is valuable to the growth of our students and the culture of our school. I am also very grateful to the incoming support for sponsorship of Chromebooks from businesses in the community. An update and acknowledgement will be posted at the start of term 3. Term 3 will be another term that is very busy. We hopefully start with the upgrade to our East block of classrooms. We have visiting groups of international students from Japan and Korea. The Pacific Island Power Up initiative is starting in week 1 . We have our annual Open Night for students enrolling for 2019. We have a consultation hui for Maori whanau and a consultation fono Pacific fanau. There is the annual sports exchange in Invercargill against James Hargest. I'm hosting the South Island Intermediate Principals’ Conference in Oamaru. And all of this happens in the first 6 weeks! Enjoy the holiday break with your children. It’s a time to rest and re-energise. I look forward to seeing everyone back on July 23.