By Rebecca Meek | Posted: Monday September 20, 2021

Over the last week, I have been made aware of a number of different students at O.I.S who have been involved in using social media platforms, particularly Snapchat in a negative way.

I have put an email out to all students today with the following message on it.

I just want to remind students of their responsibility for using social media platforms. While these platforms are an awesome way to connect with your friends, they can be very harmful when used inappropriately. The flow-on effect from these negative interactions filters through to school and in turn affects their learning and safety.

The following is an excerpt from our Digital Citizenship Parent and Student Agreement, that every student and parent has signed;

The school has high expectations for student behaviour. Our online expectations are exactly the same. This means students will respect the rights, privacy, and safety of others at all times and use language and behaviour which meets our high expectations.

At O.I.S we strongly discourage students from being in class group chats or groups chats that involve a number of students especially students that you don’t know or wouldn’t talk to face to face.

At O.I.S we are IDEAL students both at school and in the community;

  • Make good choices around your social media use.

  • Think about the language you’re using and the message that you are giving to others

  • Stand up for what you believe and know is right.

  • Do not be afraid to leave group chats and/or get adults involved if someone is being unkind or unpleasant online. Also, think about who you are adding to the group.

  • It is also important that you think before you push send.

  • You must ask permission to publish another person’s picture, and do not take photos at school and use these on any social media platforms.

Please, if your child is using any social media platforms can you please have a conversation with them around online safety and ensure that you have discussed security settings with them. It is our responsibility as parents/caregivers to ensure that our children are kept safe.

Kind regards

Rebecca Meek