Message from the Principal........

By Rebecca Meek | Posted: Wednesday February 17, 2021

Tn koutou katoa, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Bula vinaka It was great news to hear last night we could move back to Alert Level 1 so quickly.

As a community we need to avoid complacency. Please continue to scan QR codes and monitor closely for illness within your whānau. Continue to keep sick students home and if you are coming into school, you must continue to come to the school office to sign in.

Our third IDEAL value is Acting with Respect. It is a way of treating or thinking about other people and ourselves. Often this is the area that many struggle in. More and more teachers are finding that they are having to have conversations with students about how they talk, act and behave towards themselves and others.

Last week at Assembly, I spoke about kindness and how powerful our words are. A smile, a thank you, an encouraging comment, and a complement are all small acts of kindness, yet go such a long way with how others feel, and how we feel about ourselves.

At OIS we encourage our students to express their opinions and ideas, we don’t always have to agree with what others are saying however, we do need to be respectful and be prepared to listen to another students point of view.

Our last value is Learning with Purpose, actively engaging and participating to achieve your goals and feel success. Success doesn’t always happen the first time round and it is from our failures that we can learn the most. Success looks different to each individual.

Learning with Purpose is about paying attention to a learning intention. Listening during a learning opportunity is important, not only for yourself but for others around you as well. Learning with Purpose involves participating when appropriate, staying focused and seeing something to the end, not giving up.

At O.I.S we have high expectations and we have been talking to our students a lot about taking responsibility for their learning and behaviour. As parents, you also have a crucial part to play and we appreciate your support encouraging the high expectations around attendance, appearance, effort, behaviour and attitude.

Important dates coming up:

Meet the Teacher night will be next Tuesday 23 February at 6pm. We ask Year 8 parents to go straight to the hall and Year 7 parents will go directly to their child’s classroom.

School will close early on Wednesday 3rd March at 1.30pm. This is due to our staff having First Aid training.

Teacher Only Day - Tuesday 23 March - day after Otago Anniversary Day.

He waka eke noa - We are in this together