Our Purpose: To prepare students to be active participants who will contribute to their community. Tn koutou katoa, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Bula vinaka

By Rebecca Meek | Posted: Thursday February 11, 2021

I spoke on Friday at Assembly about how each and every one of us bring something different and unique to our class, school and community. We all have different personalities, opinions and styles of learning. I talked about celebrating our differences, supporting each other and respecting that we are all different.

I would like to acknowledge all the students, staff and parent community at Oamaru Intermediate School, I know first hand how overwhelming the start of the year can be, settling into new routines, classrooms and learning the OIS way. I want to commend each and everyone of you for the positive energy and enthusiasm that you have brought to the start of the year. 

At OIS we talk about being IDEAL students. You may often hear the phrase “At OIS we…....” 

The D in IDEAL is for Daring to succeed. 

  • Being at school on time ready to learn, with the right gear
  • Accept a challenge and be brave to try new things 
  • Set goals to work towards achieving 
  • Follow the rules that keep us all safe when biking, scootering and moving around the school. 
  • Taking new opportunities

The E is for Engaging with Mana, taking pride in ourselves and how we look is key to this. At OIS we are very proud of our uniform, and how it is worn. How we engage positively with people face to face and online is an important part of our OIS culture. We have zero tolerance for swearing, name calling and racial comments. 

Other ways we can Engage with Mana are;

  • Keep the school tidy by using the bins
  • Resolve conflict positively, not resulting in unsafe behaviour or words
  • Stand up for yourself and others in a positive way
  • Be a positive role model 
  • Speaking respectfully to others
  • Using appropriate words
  • Doing the right thing takes courage and can often means speaking out when we know something isn’t right. 

We encourage students to stand up for what they know is right. As I have said before, if you have a concern, a positive or simply a question to ask, your first port of call is your classroom teacher. 

Uniform - Thank you for your support ensuring that your child is in full uniform each day. 

  • Earrings: One pair of studs - they need to be removed for swimming 
  • Nail polish, makeup and jewelry is not to be worn at school. 

A reminder that if your child is out of uniform for any reason, they need a uniform pass from the office.

SAFETY - We would appreciate that you do not drive into OIS or park on Pembroke street close to the school. Our gate is becoming very congested and we have had a few close calls. It is important that you do not park on yellow lines or in the bus park.