Safety of your children

By Rebecca Meek | Posted: Wednesday February 3, 2021

Safety of children is a priority at Oamaru Intermediate School.

  • Our prime concern at the moment is travel to and from school. If your child cycles to school please check their brakes and the fit of their helmet, discuss safe cycling with them and the route they will take. It is safest to bike in single file and not in large groups along the designated route.

  • Cyclists and those on scooters are required to walk these across the intersection and into school. (No riding to and from the corner).

  • At 3.05pm each day we have 351 children leaving school on to very congested streets with limited parking available.

  • The duty teacher will cross everyone on the west side of the intersection of Pembroke and Arundel Streets.

  • Cyclists will be directed to Taward Street to begin their journey home unless they live in the Virgil, Leith St areas in which case they will cross at the supermarket crossing.

  • Please do not drive down the NO EXIT part of Pembroke Street to the school gates or into the school to drop off or collect your child. There is no turning space on Pembroke Street and one side of the road has no parking. Parking on the west end of Arundel, Harlech or Raglan Streets are other good options.

  • We have access from Dacre Street. Students living north of OIS should use this exit. This is a good place to drop off and pick up.

  • Please do not double park or stop on the corners. The bus stop needs to be kept clear at all times.

  • Anyone coming into the school needs to go directly to the office, not classrooms. If you are waiting to meet your child after school have a pre-arranged meeting place where they will find you.