Principal's Message....

By Mary Healey | Posted: Thursday September 24, 2020

With only one day left in this term it is timely for everyone to have a break to relax and recharge their batteries. The movement to a Covid Level 1 status means that there will be more freedom for everyone to move around and meet in bigger groups.

I urge you to maintain a watchfulness and sense of responsibility in the next few weeks. We still have cases of Covid in NZ and with greater movement over the holidays it's important that we continue to keep tracing our contacts and movements.

Next term is a short one of 9 weeks. It is not a time to wind down by any means, but rather a time to make the most of teaching and learning in what has been a disrupted year.

For me it will be my last 9 weeks at O.I.S. and I know those weeks will fly by very quickly. I congratulate Rebecca Meek on her appointment as O.I.S. Principal for next year and Margaret Williams (W.G.H.S.) who will take over my Community of Learning leadership role. Knowing these two ladies will be at the helms, should give you all a sense of confidence in the future.

Enjoy the break and keep safe.