Science (STEM) in Schools NZ: 2020 Launch to the Future

By Belinda Hirst | Posted: Wednesday September 16, 2020

LAUNCH TO THE FUTURE is a 40-minute in-school presentation that focuses on how space programs and lunar science propel us into the future using STEM! In a series of sketches, professional actor/educators use audience suggestions to create uniquely hilarious scenes that educate on the moon and space science.

We have Launch to the Future on Friday 25 September at OIS.

Students will learn:
• How science helps to solve the unsolvable (SCIENCE)
• Innovation drives technology (TECHNOLOGY)
• Space engineering helps design new solutions (ENGINEERING)
• How maths helps to drive the future (MATHS)

Sketches include a worker teaching a boss about the moon, a kooky inventor linking technology to creativity and innovation, a game that teaches about space engineering, a demonstration of how maths helps explain our universe.