Level 2 is not about taking a risk. It's about making sure we are not the risk.

By Mary Healey | Posted: Tuesday May 12, 2020

Many people throughout the country are looking forward to moving to Level 2. Businesses up and running again, freedom to move outside our bubbles, schools open on Monday, children along with teachers keen to be back and meeting with friends we've missed for several weeks. Things will be different but we will be ready and prepared to welcome everyone back on Monday. I would ask you to organise things so that your child turns up for school after 8.30 am and before 8.55 am as that will avoid congestion at the gate before 8.30 am when we open. It is important to remember that Level 2 is not about taking a risk. It's about making sure we are not the risk. We will have all the safety measures in place to operate but it is essential that your child adheres to the hygiene and distancing requirements so that they do not pose a risk to others. If your child is unwell they must remain at home. Please ensure that we have your correct contact details should they become unwell and we need to get in touch.

Not everyone will be excited to the same degree about the return to school and various levels of anxiety will be felt by parents and children ranging from friendships to being somewhat confined by routines or the amount of learning they've done, whether they've fallen behind others, whether it's safe at school etc. Rest assured this is all very normal and we will look to work through these things with your child. It's important to remember that we have all been in lockdown to stop the spread of a serious viral pandemic. That has been our primary job over the last 7 weeks and you have all done an amazing job in stopping the spread of Covid 19. 

At OIS we are totally non-judgemental of what has happened on the home scene during the lockdown. There will be a small survey sent to children trying to get a gauge of what supports teachers may need to provide for within their classrooms. Please feel free as a parent to email your child's teacher or me - [email protected] if there is anything we can do for them or your family. No judgements, I promise, just a willingness on our behalf to restore wellbeing and move ahead with positivity. 

The lockdown has put enormous pressure on many people and we want to help where we can. Covid 19 has affected us all in many ways. 

Last week, with much sadness, our staff mourned the death of Bronwyn Waldron a much respected and valued member of staff. Bronwyn joined OIS teaching staff last year and was such a bubbly positive person her ripple of happiness was felt by all of us. She often said it was her dream job and she loved OIS. Sadly a diagnosis of cancer towards the end of the year meant that Bronwyn was on sick leave. Although she was determined to beat her illness and has followed the progress of Room 11 students this year, she did not get to recover and return to school. As a staff, we will take inspiration from Bronwyn to move ahead with positivity and our big challenge will be to fill the musical and dramatic plans that Bronwyn had for our cultural events.

Kia kaha. Be strong. Be safe.

Mary Healey