OIS - Learning at Home website

By Belinda Hirst | Posted: Monday March 23, 2020

Teachers have spent time preparing to maintain learning over the long term. Students are welcome to access the work on our new website at any stage and in any particular order. We do not expect that your child will be sitting doing 5 hours of schoolwork each day. This is unrealistic for any child and even more so under the current circumstances.

Our website OIS website - Learning at home has a number of learning activities available: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Digi Tech, Arty things, Food - using the staples, Extra. It is not expected that a child completes everything. Enjoy the selection and the adapted learning environment. Please feel free to bake a cake, help with dinner, or even the household chores at any time!

The school holidays have been brought forward and officially go from Monday, March 30 - April 14th inclusive. Teachers will be on holiday during this time. And as always they will be planning ahead for next term.