Thank you to our Support Staff...

By Belinda Hirst | Posted: Thursday November 14, 2019

Throughout this week, our NZEI Support Staff members have shared their personal stories with you. Today we have something FOR ALL OF OUR SUPPORT STAFF. We have THANK YOUs from our teachers! We sincerely hope that Support Staff receive the collective agreement settlement and pay equity settlement that they are working towards.

  • The support staff at OIS are absolutely incredible! They are always there and are so supportive of staff and students. Not sure what we would do without our amazing support staff! Natalie Paterson
  • It’s so comforting and helpful to have another adult in the room with me. I can bounce ideas off them, seek support when needed and feel connected. I love my T.A. and couldn’t do without her. It’s also extremely important for the students to have another adult to help them whenever they need it. We simply cannot undervalue this important role any longer. Carmen Sim
  • We are so lucky to have the high calibre of support staff that we have at OIS. They are all so easy to work with and they are compassionate people who truly care about our students. They make our lives as teachers so much easier as they can assist and support individual students and small groups – providing that bit extra which makes such a difference. Frances Campbell
  • I cannot express in words how much I value our incredible team of support staff! I am fortunate enough to have two teachers aides in my room at different times of the day and they make a world of difference, both to the student’s learning and my own teaching. It is time for us to show them how valuable they really are! Harriet McGowan
  • No job is too big or too small for our support staff. They display a level of professionalism that is in no way matched by their remuneration. Phil Martin
  • It is so fabulous as a classroom teacher to have incredible support staff available to us. They are truly heroes in our school as no job is ever turned down. They are incredibly valued and valuable to our students, our community and our teachers. Bronwyn Waldron
  • We are so lucky to have such wonderful and committed support staff. Their talents are endless and I envy your patience! I thoroughly respect you all and the role that you play at OIS. This school would certainly not be the same without you. Amanda Notman
  • One of the things that makes OIS a welcoming and lovely place to work is the support staff. Our staff appreciate all the ways in which you make the learning happen, but so do the kids. Thanks for all you do. Gavin Baumber
  • Support staff at OIS are the glue that holds us together. They say “yes” to all requests and always have a smile. They go above and beyond to help staff and students. Jude Garrett
  • Thank you for all the hard work you do around OIS. You all possess such awesome personalities and each has your own set of skills that you’re willing to share with those around you. We think you’re epic! Whaea Jamaya
  • Thanks, team. Every day you make a difference to the lives of our students. Whether it’s a ‘well done’ or active assistance your help is much appreciated. Richard Savage
  • Thank you for everything you do – especially all the little things that often seem to go unnoticed. Your professional approach to learning and the support you give students to be their absolute best is an asset to our school. You always go above and beyond what is expected and make our ‘team’ a better place to be with all your enthusiasm and banter. Vic Forrest
  • The support staff are the reason I can do my job effectively. They’re my second set of eyes, ears, hands and heart. Their input to the school team is priceless. Monica Genet
  • Our support staff allow the learning to happen for so many especially in the hands-on area of technology. I love it when your students create something tangible to take home – their joy is contagious. Karen McNabb
  • The support staff are vital for numerous reasons. In Hard Materials, they are essential for Health & Safety and supporting students in a particular environment. They contribute to the education of students among many other things. Support staff are essential! Tom King 

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