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By Janice Joiner | Posted: Wednesday November 13, 2019

We will introduce our NZEI Support staff members each day this week. We are currently working towards both a collective agreement settlement for all support staff and a pay equity settlement for teacher aides, with pay equity claims for other support staff roles.

The current "Living Wage" is $21.15, 72% of teacher aides countrywide are on  Grade B which ranges from $17.70 - $20.69.

As support staff, we each have our own personal stories from our work. It's those real stories that we want to share with you! 

Janice Joiner - Teacher Aide

Hello, my name is Janice Joiner and my Support Staff role at Oamaru Intermediate School as a Teacher Aide.

I have nearly 14 years of experience as a Teacher Aide, and this is my 5th year at OIS. My role is varied in this position but I have put a list of some of the things I do/need in my role:

  • I need a high level of self-motivation, flexibility and initiative.
  • I work closely with classroom teachers.
  • I liaise with outside agencies.
  • I support students and teachers to reach IEP set goals.
  • I encourage independence for all students.
  • I assist in supervision duties.
  • I follow guidelines and procedures to assist students in the classroom as well as outside the classroom.
  • I need to be vigilant with time management.
  • Follow personal hygiene programmes in place for some students.
  • I need to maintain a good working relationship with staff, students and parents.
  • I need a great sense of humour!
  • I am a role model.
  • I hold a first-aid certificate.
  • I run the Riding for The Disabled programme 2 days a week with another TA.
  • I make up resources, photocopying and laminating.
  • I participate in meetings when required.
  • I assist with the care of high needs students.
  • I support students in Education outside The Classroom - EOTC.
  • I support students during module/technology time.
  • I work with groups/individuals on literacy, reading and maths.
  • I support students with medical conditions and knowing how to administer any medications if required.
  • I take an Art group.
  • I encourage students to have fun! 

I have a certificate in Teacher Aide and an Upgrade certificate. One of my interests is in behaviour strategies. I have completed training in Tips for Autism, and I hold a First Aid certificate. 

My passion for working with students and art is a highlight in my work. These are all things I have chosen to take on so I can give students my best self. I am proud to work in the education system and my personal opinion; is it is a privilege to work as a Teacher Aide and make a difference in students lives.

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