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By Debbie Halkett | Posted: Wednesday June 22, 2022

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- Giant Leaps afterschool Speech and Drama lessons. Please contact Anna Keno on 0276 614 441. See Add below.

- The Aquatic Centre is looking at and keen to get a Term 3 Flippaball League organised and going.

First up – what is Flippaball?

Flippaball is a NON-CONTACT form of water polo that is designed to be a fun and safe introduction to the sport of water polo for children aged 6 -16 years. The aim of the programme is to be inclusive and enjoyable in the first instance, and with time, improve swimming ability, ball skills and confidence in the water through participation.

With the ideal age group being primary & intermediate age children we thought we would gauge your interest first.

The Aquatic Centre will provide all equipment needed (apart from togs!) as well sorting out teams in the appropriate year / age group however, what we would like to know from you is the following…

Matthew Lanyon

Facility Manager

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